The RGS are delighted to announce that we are teaching

 to Year 8. 

 is a 10-week course for young people aged 11-18, delivered in the classroom, which at the most simple level is an awareness-raising exercise to give all students a taste of mindfulness so that they know about it and can return to it later in life if they choose to do so. However, for many pupils the course can lead to immediate and striking results: they feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled; they can concentrate better; they have a toolkit to deal with stress and anxiety.

 Our specific hopes for our students

 intends to help our boys to overcome difficulties, thrive and flourish – and the research that has taken place into its effectiveness suggests it does indeed have the potential to meet these more ambitious goals.

 Our aims to help our students:

  • To experience greater well-being (e.g. feel happier, calmer, more fulfilled)
  • To fulfil their potential and pursue their own goals e.g. be more creative, more relaxed, academically, personally
  • To improve their concentration and focus, in classes, in exams and tests, on the sports field, when playing games, when paying attention and listening to others
  • To work with difficult mental states such as depressive, ruminative and anxious thoughts and low moods
  • To cope with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life such as exams, relationships, sleep problems, family issues

If you have any further questions, we will be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact Mrs Forster hmf@rgshw.com directly.

Our aim is to roll this out as a school-wide initiative over the next five years, and we thank you in advance for your much appreciated support for this exciting project.

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