Testimonials from Boarding Families

"Both our boys, although very different in personality and interests, have benefited enormously from RGS boarding. The academic support and encouragement from boarding staff and older boys, combined with the companionship of friends and regular sports and activities have meant that they are always happy to return to school and love their time there.  Sleeping over at school allows them to avoid early mornings and long commutes; and plentiful food and regular meals suit teenage lads. The opportunity to mentor younger boys and volunteer in the school has developed their sense of responsibility, the whole experience enabling them to reach their potential as young men. Although my older son is now at university, he still misses and thinks often of the happy memories of his time in boarding and my younger son would not want to be anywhere else."

"We were charmed by RGSHW during the grammar school tours.  But it was out of our catchment.  To discover that we could be part of this school after all with the offer of state boarding sealed it.  With two boys at Fraser Youens, we can’t think of anywhere else we’d want our boys to be.  The value added is second to none – whether it be in the pastoral, sport, comradeship or academic section of school life.  Although in a minority, the boarders work and play alongside the day boys flawlessly and are not seen as a separate entity.  With up to five hot meals a day, ferocious appetites are appeased and the variety of after school sport and competitions is huge.  The Fraser Youens boys shine within the school with excellent academic results, great work ethics and envied sporting prowess."

"Our son loves boarding at RGS and indeed that was the reason he chose RGS as his secondary school. He cannot wait to return to school on a Sunday evening to see all his friends who are like brothers to him.  He was a little anxious at first making the transition to living in a community environment but soon overcame that.  We are delighted at the fact that he does some physical exercise every day, he does his homework every day and has some time to himself as well as some fun excursions and inter house competitions. He appreciates coming home on a Friday evening. The other great thing about boarding at RGS is the fact that he is learning to be independent and learning skills that will help him for the rest of his life. The pastoral care is second to none, strict enough whilst enabling the individual to make decisions for himself. The product we see is a well-rounded independent young man, who is a team player and conscious of other people's feelings."

"I suppose I was a little worried when our son started boarding at RGS. We had heard that it was a rugby school and only rugby players ever enjoyed themselves there. This could not be any further from the truth, our son loves music and got involved with school choir and orchestra but it is in boarding where he made his firm friends.  Our son has really enjoyed both RGS and particularly the boarding aspect. He is now preparing for university it is so obvious that boarding has helped him to become independent and self-motivated to study. He has had a great time socially and his boarding tutor has really helped him build his confidence over the years. Now that he is a boarding prefect I think he is able to give genuine empathy and support to younger students within the house. It has been a great experience and has allowed our son to develop as a person offering him genuine leadership opportunities."

"We choose RGS and boarding for the sport that was offered and the community that our son would live in. The academic aspect was a given at most of the grammar schools but we were looking for something more than this. I remember being shown round boarding by a sixth form student who had told us what a fantastic time he had for seven years, both at RGS and in Fraser Youens house. I can honestly say that boarding and the sport on offer at RGS have been amazing. Our son has managed to travel the length and breadth of the UK and indeed abroad playing against the very best schoolboy rugby teams. However it is probably the friends and the support that he has had within the boarding environment that have made his time special. As he approaches the final months at RGS we know he is going to miss boarding and the atmosphere that helps all of the boarders get the opportunity to flourish."