Dr Who Club

Through all of TIME and SPACE, the TARDIS lands at RGS! 

Whether you are an Abzorbaloff, Slitheen, Dalek, Weeping Angel, time lord / lady (Missy would never forgive us) or RGS boy, In true Whovian spirit, ALL are welcome on Thursday lunchtimes in the Drama Studio to share and enjoy all things TARDIS blue. 

This year the Doctor Who club was relaunched with members in excess of fifty boys. The first session, and every one since, have been so popular we had to move the sessions from L4 to the Drama Studio due to lack of space! This fan based extra curricular phenomenon was first introduced prior to the fiftieth anniversary episode, showing the previous six episodes on a weekly basis, in order to encourage the boys' excitement and shared joy that true Who fans experience with every new adventure. 

Whether you love Davison, Baker, Smith, Troughton, Eccleston or Tennant there is an episode for everyone. We are currently showing the top episodes, from Eccleston to Capaldi, as chosen by a dedicated BBC Whovian. 

As the club is being attended with increasing popularity future plans involve discussion sessions, visiting experts and a trip to The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. 

Everyone is welcome and what better way to enjoy these darker days than in the imaginative world of The Doctor. 

Now run you clever boys!