Year 7 Ethos of Learning Self Assessment

Year 7 Ethos of Learning Self Assessment

The Year 7 recently completed their mid- year self assessment of their key Ethos of Learning skills. This was completed alongside their parents. I was delighted by the response from students, parents and form tutors. The boys took this task very seriously and their individual targets were very thoughtful. Below is a summary of the whole year group. It gives us as a staff a good indication of how the Year 7s view themselves and also helps to inform us as to which skills we need to continue to develop.

Summary for the Year Group

Overall, this is a very well prepared and organised year group. They do work well with one another and certainly look out for their peers. In general, students can rush their work and linked with this is that they rarely go beyond what is being asked of them. This is no great surprise given the time pressure that many of the boys are under. However, this academic rigour is something we would like to see develop. The year groups tends to enjoy problem solving and a challenge, but it is difficult to come to a solution if you are not prepared to make mistakes along the way. Overall a great year group who I hope will continue to develop these skills in the terms and years to come.