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Welcome to the Boarding Blog, administered by Housemaster Mr Hollyer.  Below you will find posts about general boarding life, activities the boarders pursue and much more! 

  • Prefect Interview Training Open or Close

    As the current Year 13s move ever closer to their A-level exams and the end of their time in Fraser Youens, the Year 12s are preparing to take over as prefects in the summer term. 
    Part of this preparation took place on Wednesday as we had the chance to chat to Mr Colston, who works for Mars and is a regular interviewer for the company. This was a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains and find out what he values the most in a candidate and, more importantly, what he thinks should be avoided. Talking to such an experienced person gave us invaluable knowledge which we can apply not only to interviews within school but also those for universities and future jobs, as we learnt many tips and tricks to succeed under pressure. 
    All that’s left to say is a big thank you to Mr Colston and bring on the Head of House interviews!

    by Adil Terracciano 

  • Photography Competition Open or Close

    We have run a photography competition during this term. The categories available were “Hobbies”, “Black and White” and “The Natural World”. We had a large number of entries across all three categories by all year groups. It’s clear we have some keen photographers in the house! There were Junior and Senior prizes awarded for each category. The Natural World category also had two runners up for each of Junior and Senior, as there were so many great photos submitted for this.

    The winners were:

    Hobbies: Theo D, James P

    Black and White: Hugh B, Jason T

    Natural World: Tom M, (runners up: Clifford C and Theo H), Cyril K (runners up: David L and Clive T)

  • End of Term Christmas Festivities Open or Close

    The end of term once again brought about the week of Christmas competitions. All the favourites were included with table tennis being the hardest fought contest of the year! The new addition was a trip to the Hollywood Bowling arcade for a round of ten pin bowling. Despite some poor bowling from the older boys, the highest score of the evening was 128 from Year 8 boarder, Tate Lee!

    The winners of the competitions were as follows:

    Chess: Aaron Calver

    Jenga: Ross Bleakley

    Darts: Tyrone Antoine

    Connect 4: Harry Langford

    Senior Table Tennis: Mayank Neerugatti

    Junior Table Tennis: Will Evans

    Table Tennis Doubles: Matt Millard & Josh Ludick

    After Eight Challenge: Lewis Li

    Junior Ten Pin Bowling: Tate Lee

    Senior Ten Pin Bowling: George Cook

    The last week of term was superb fun, including a snow day off school, a trip to the theatre to see the musical Aladdin, a bowling trip and the house Christmas turkey dinner, all before going home for the holidays. 

    Here's to a great 2018!

  • Football Tournament 2017 Open or Close

    Stunning goals, crunching tackles and typical boarding spirit typified the boarding 6-a-side football tournament.

    Eight randomly picked teams from years 7-13 battled it out for the glory of indoor football champions over a four day extravaganza. The tournament started with 2 pools of four teams all playing each other in a round robin format. The teams who came 1st and 2nd from each pool progressed to the semi-finals, while teams who came 3rd and 4th played their own mini finals.

    The tournament opener was a tense affair. In pool A, Southend, Captained by Yuen, edged out Winterbottom’s Slough by a goal to nil. This was followed by Tung’s Croydon overpowering Rangoonwala’s men from York city 3-0. In pool B, a stunning come back from Sheffield Thursday’s, player managed by Wardle, saw them come from 2-0 down, to draw 2-2 against Tsang’s Guildford in the final moments of the game. An enthralling Monday was concluded by an entertaining affair between Millard’s England and Ng of Reading. Ng and co came off the better in a high scoring, low defending 4-2.

    On Tuesday, Thursday outplayed England in a 5-3 victory. Guildford put an unanswered 3 past Reading. A strong Southend squad were held 1-1 against a well drilled York defence. A scrappy Slough held on for a 1-0 win over Croydon.

    The last round of pool games were the talk of the house in the run up to the evening’s games. Wardle’s Thursdays secured top spot in pool B with a 5-0 dismantling of Reading, Dean securing a sensational hat-trick in the process. Guildford followed by clinching 2nd spot with a nervy 1-1 draw against England. Yuen’s men of Southend claimed top spot in pool A with a 1-0 win over Croydon, followed by a true captain’s performance by Rangoonwala to send York through over Slough in an impressive 4-1 win.

    In the 7th – 8th play-off, Slough destroyed a weakened England team 6-1, before Croydon deservedly took 5th spot ahead of Reading in a 2-0 victory. Semi-final 1 looked like men against boys. Ward led Thursday with the 2nd hat-trick of the tournament in a resounding 6-0 thumping! York City were out with quite a bang! Semi-final 2 saw an extremely close game between Southend and Guildford end at 1-1. Southend took it in a fabulous penalty shoot-out.

    It was Yuen’s Southend vs Wardle’s Sheffield in what turned out to be an absolute humdinger of a final. Southend took the lead early on with a Calver goal. The game settled down afterwards, a strong defence by Southend, led by Yuen, kept Thursday at bay. However, a lapse of concentration saw Haworth race through to equalise close to half time. A quick change of ends and good natured sledging brought along a cagey 2nd half. The scores remained level for a long period, before a piece of individual brilliance by Haworth earned him his second goal and, in turn, player of the tournament. Thursday closed the game out to win 2-1 with a strong defensive display.

    A brilliant tournament was concluded with the trophy presentation, awarded by the house Master, Mr Scourfield. 

    written by winning captain - Louis Wardle

  • The Official Start of Christmas Open or Close

    Christmas has officially started with the opening activities of the festive season. Christmas Cookie decorating, expertly led by Miss Lawson and ably supported by none other than the Christmas elf (alias Mr Silvey). In fact once the rumour was out that the juniors were decorating cookies in activity the obvious questions was asked by many of our sixth formers. Do you get to eat them? Can we join in? How many can I eat, I mean make ?

    So Christmas has now started, its official; the Christmas tree is currently outside Fraser Youens House ready to be dressed. It’s ice skating in London at the weekend and Christmas shopping for some of the full boarders. Our House Football tournament is on in activity all of next week and then a final week of real festive fun.

    The annual carol concert takes place on Monday,

    Tuesday sees us visit the sights of London and the West End with a trip to see Disney’s Aladdin.

    Wednesday sees all of the boarding house attempt the challenge of completing a Turkey (triple strike) whilst ten pin bowling.

    Finally Thursday is the last night of boarding with the annual Christmas dinner. 



  • A Minute to Win It - Saturday night activity Open or Close

    The full boarders enjoyed the "A minute to win it" challenges for our weekly Saturday evening competition. 

    Jason proved adept at Stack Attack (who can build the highest tower out of cups), Yorks found Lollipop Dice (balancing a tower of dice on the end of a lollipop held in the mouth) more challenging due to an attack of the giggles, but lots of others displayed their best "concentrating" faces. Defy Gravity (keeping balloons airborne) kept Ashley and Stephen on the move and Rice and Lentils (moving dry rice and lentils using chopsticks) offered opportunities for unique methods of using chopsticks! 

    Team Clive narrowly beat Team Tommy 9 points to 8. Thanks to all the boys for an entertaining hour on Saturday evening and getting fully involved in all the activities. 


  • Senior Boarding Quiz 2017 Open or Close

    The annual boarding quiz once again brought out the competitive nature of the Senior Boarders, much hilarity was found in some interesting quiz names which will remain anonymous for this blog piece. The rounds consisted of Music, Current Affairs, Harry Potter, Food and Drink, Flags, and Film & Television. The challenge is do you know how hot a Dragon’s Breath Chili is, how many players in a Qidditch team or which country is facing a a “chipocalypse” due to a poor potato crop leading to a national shortage of crisps ? Well, many of the boarders knew the answers as well as identifying Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, Lennon’s Imagine, Oasis Look back in Anger. I challenge you to identify the flags and answer the round on Harry Potter.


    A great evenings fun and as you can see form the photos of us eating Pizza, ‘To the victor belongs the spoils’.



    Round One Harry Potter

    1. What two animals make up a hippogriff ?
    2. What was the name of the road that Harry lived at with his Aunt and Uncle ?
    3. Who or what is Padfoot ?
    4. How many players make up a Quidditch team ?
    5. What selects the champions who will participate in the Triwzard tournament .
    6. Why can only some people see a Thestral ?
    7. What potion allows the drinker to assume the form of someone else ?
    8. What does Professor Sprout teach ?
    9. Name either of the two powers a phoenix possesses?
    10. Who or what is Crookshanks ?


  • Obstacle Course Open or Close

    The wall of doom, building a tunnel, spinning around and balancing on a beam were only a few of the challenges for our first house competition of  this year.

    I have to say that it was great fun especially seeing some of our new Year 7s getting over the wall of doom quicker than some of the Year 11s and 6th formers.

    Mr Scourfield’s tutor team won for the second year in a row apparently they have been up training every day at dawn, so Louis the captain of that team told me.

    It was though a good bonding experience and it helped us to get to know some of the new boarders. My favourite was trying to balance with a tennis ball having spun around several times. I managed it but lots of the older boarders fell over. 

  • Longridge 2017 Open or Close

    For me it was the first time I’ve been to Longridge as we don’t live nearby but some of the other boarders had been before and told me it would be great fun, it was ! Hard work on the water zorbs and it took me ages to get to stay upright. I was better at the climbing and managed to get to the top of the climbing wall and abseil down.  At the top I could see for miles and saw two of our 6th formers running in the zorbs. My group were determined not to get too wet on the Bell Boats and I was pretty pleased that we all managed to stay in the boat as the water in the Thames was pretty cold This along with the obstacle course have been a highlight for my first few weeks at Fraser Youens. I can’t wait to go on some of the other trips especially the paintballing and go karting. 

  • Being a Boarder: First Impressions Open or Close

    We asked our new boarders to write a brief summary of less than 50 words on their first impressions of boarding life. Answers ranged from Year 7 students to those in Year 12.

    ‘Boarding is a kind environment where students can relax, talk to others, visit shops and play sports with friends, I have found it very interesting and fun, the boarding staff are very approachable and tend to your needs.’

    ‘I have really enjoyed my first week in boarding because there is something going on all the time and you are never bored.’

    ‘The way of life as an RGS boarder is vibrant, fast paced and active. It seemed like a bit of a shock at first but I settled in extremely quickly and was welcomed and accepted by the pupils as if I had been there for a long time.’

    ‘After my first week at RGS I feel that boarding has played a major role in helping me integrate and make friends. So many people in the boarding house have made me feel welcome and at home here, it's a great community to be a part of.’

    ‘My first few days at RGSHW boarding have been exciting and inspiring. I have learnt so much in just a few weeks and I have really enjoyed the food. I also had a lot of fun at Longridge- I can't wait till next term's activity!’

    ‘In my past few days at RGS, I have found that lots of people are friendly so if you are lost you can go and ask for help. The food is amazing and all the staff is super friendly. The work hasn’t been too hard, and the teachers don't set to much work which is usually in for the next lesson. I have really enjoyed my past few days at RGS.’

    ‘Boarding has been absolutely amazing. My peers around me have been very helpful and the school is fantastic. I've always wanted to go to RGSHW, and finally I'm here. The staff and yourself have been absolutely wonderful, so thank you very much.’

    Many thanks Gents and we hope that you continue to have a great time in Fraser Youens and at RGS.


  • Spotlight on the Head of House Open or Close

    James Yuen is the Head of House for Fraser Youens for the 2017/18 academic year. Below he tells us a little about himself and what his role entails:

    I joined RGS and Fraser Youens at the end of Year 9, just before starting GCSEs. For me, the Head of House role involves taking up several responsibilities on top of the academic pressures of my final year at RGS.

    Overall, the most challenging part has been getting know the new boarders across all the year groups. As head of house, I’ve been ensuring that my team of prefects and myself have helped them settle in, most of which were having their first experience of boarding school. Part of my role includes ensuring they get out on time in the morning and get into bed at night. 

    The first few weeks have been extremely busy for myself and the prefects. The main feature being the two open evenings, which involved rounding the prefects up and giving tours to parents. Despite teachers being the core part of the boarding house, we were at the forefront for these two evenings, selling the boarding house to the prospective students. 

    I have loved my time in Fraser Youens and will certainly miss it when I leave at the end of this year. I am really excited about going to university and I feel that boarding at RGS has really prepared me well for uni life!

  • Seven Years in Fraser Youens Open or Close

    Leaver Cam Logan writes a review of his 7 years spent as a Boarder in Fraser Youens:

    Over the last seven years a lot has changed in Fraser Youens, from the improved quality of food to a new furry friend in Mardo, however, despite these changes the thing that has stood out for me about boarding at RGS is the sense of community and the will of those who work there to give us as much help as they can to achieve our goals which has remained throughout. From those initial days in Year 7 as scruffy, unorganised boys to the responsible, mature young men (and Hugo) of Year 13, the Housemasters and staff in Fraser Youens have always been there to help, whether that be with homework, organisation or simply getting up on time in the morning. Furthermore, their drive to create a community spirit is remarkable, and has certainly paid off. Having previously boarded at primary school, I can say the atmosphere within Fraser Youens, where Year 7s and Sixth Formers will happily converse, and juniors and seniors can regularly be seen playing football together on the school field, is something very special and this is largely down to the work done behind the scenes by the staff. Our year demonstrates this, with three of us having been here since the start (the “three musketeers” as Hugo calls us) and the other five, a rugby player, medic, physicist, engineer and architect, all very different personalities but eight people who have bonded and are now very close friends who will certainly keep in touch long after they have left RGS. For the original three, Ben, Hugo and myself, it has been a long journey where we have seen each other grow-up (in Hugo’s case perhaps more physically than mentally, and vice-versa in Ben’s case), and through the ups and downs we have only become closer as the years have progressed. A large part of this has been down to the spirit created by Mr Scourfield and Co. (and of course the incredible chat that perpetually flies around the common room). Boarding at RGS has been a great experience and I’m sure when we look back on careers that will see us become millionaires, Nobel Prize winners and Trappist monks, we will all remember fondly our time in Fraser Youens and appreciate how it helped shape us into the people we are.

    “They walked arm in arm, occupying the whole width of the street and taking in every Musketeer they met, so that in the end it became a triumphal march.” – The Three Musketeers.

  • Go-Karting! Open or Close

    Excitement had been building up for the go-karting throughout the week. It was definitely a trip that everyone was looking forward to. By the time race day arrived everyone was ready to go out and give it their best.

    When we arrived there was a safety briefing and we were soon down on the track. First off, the juniors went out with Mr Scourfield and Mr Hollyer. We sat waiting for our turn at the final corner watching as people drifted their way around the chicane. It looked like great fun. Alex Morrison posted the fastest lap time of the first race, beating both Mr Scourfield and Mr Hollyer to take first place. The second group was told to put our race helmets on and get ready to go out.

    I was surprised by the power of the go-karts. They went really fast making the race very exciting. Tommy and I found ourselves racing each other for much of the race, overtaking each other and swapping places at different points in the track until Tommy crashed into the wall after bumping me. Oops. At the end of the first race we all came out sweating with a big smile of our faces from the adrenaline rush. The next race was however the important one as this was the one where our times were recorded.

    The first group went out and looked very fast. Mr Hollyer posted a very fast lap with Taaj and Theo also showing up for good laps in the second race. Mr Scourfield was nowhere to be seen on the leader board showing the good competition in the race. Our second race was also good fun with many prople posting their fastest lap times.

    We all gathered around the podium to see who’d won. Mr Hollyer took first but it turned out that he had infringed on the rules so he was stripped of his title meaning that Taaj claimed first place. The seniors was a close race but Tommy took third, Clive second and I won.

    All in all, a very fun day out that everyone enjoyed so I’d like to thank Mr Scourfield and Mr Hollyer for taking us. Congratulations to Taaj on taking home the victory in the junior race and going home as joint champion.

    by Matt Millard

  • The Water Fight! Open or Close

    On the 21st of June (the hottest day of the year) we had a water fight for our activity. This refreshing event was defiantly the highlight of my summer so far; the rules were to steal your opponent’s tennis ball without being shot by one of the water pistols. The teams had been divided and all-out warfare was about to begin. The whistle went. Nobody moved. Then a water bomb exploded next to me, the first shot of the war.

    After 25 minutes of solid play we were far from done as Mr. Scourfield had an idea of how to get rid of the remaining water. The water bucket challenge! The rules were simple; one bucket of water would be chucked at you for the ultimate way to abolish the heat. I went first. I stepped up to the table where the future Head of House, James Yuen, waited eagerly for his chance to soak me. Seconds later I had been drenched from head to toe in ice cold water. What a day!    

    by Ross Bleakley (Year 7)

  • Summer Paintballing Trip Open or Close

    As part of our weekend trips programme we took all our full boarders, and a number of weekly boarders paintballing on Sunday 21st May 2017. The report below is by one of Year 12 boarders, Akash Kalsi.

    We left the boarding house at 12:15 and made our way to Skirmish paintballing on the outskirts of Wycombe. When we arrived we had to sign a disclaimer in the event that someone got too carried away. Following this, we were given a safety briefing by our experienced marshals who showed us how to safely use the weapon system namely the Tippman 98. Next the teams were decided, simply by splitting up the odds and evens, however this didn’t stop the Kraysians being placed on the same; twins can never be apart. The blue team, with the school’s shooting champion Aman Kalsi amongst their ranks and the black team with none other than Mr Rizk were pitched against each other in a series of 3 games consisting of 2 rounds throughout the day. The first game involved one team defending the house whilst the other had to break the defences and place two hoops on a post; the team defending lost but the black team held out for considerably longer than the blues. The valiant efforts of the Blue team were futile as they were quickly overrun by the blacks; with a special mention for the two twins who held the continuous waves of attack at bay, almost like the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. At the end of each round the two team’s switched roles and the Battle recommenced. After the first game there was a short break where people were able to assess the extent of their injuries (a few bruises here and there).  The next game was a capture the objective type game, whereby teams had to slot in a row of 4 coloured disks, similar to connect 4. Each side suffered heavy losses, but once again the black team was victorious, captained by Mr Rizk who’s tactical genius and careful deployment of a smoke grenade ensured a swift victory. The battle saw the emergence of a number of sharpshooters, particularly Gregorio or the “Italian sniper” as he likes to be known as, outflanking the opposition inflicting heavy losses on the other side. The final game was quick, but extremely painful one to say the least. The game itself; teams on opposite end of the field and a briefcase in the middle of it. Teams would have to carry the briefcase to the opposite side of the map, not their own side. What made this task more difficult was the fact that every few minutes the marshal would signal for everyone to change positions, regardless of whether they were being contacted or not. This undoubtedly changed the nature of the conflict, with some resorting to Kamikaze attacks and charging their enemy whilst firing as many rounds as they could (Matt). Once again, the blue team put up a fight but they were no match for the mighty blacks with the final score being Black:5- Blue:1. Following the games, we dined on sausages and chips or a veggie burger for the non-meat eaters among us. We returned to Fraser Youens a little past 5 bruised, tired and with an infectious smile drawn across our faces.

  • My Fair Lady - School Play Open or Close

    The school's show this year was "My Fair Lady". We have a bi-annual rotation of musicals and plays. My Fair Lady was originally written in 1956.  The plot is about a woman called Eliza Doolittle (played by the very talented Scarlet Halton) who is taught to speak like a lady, which is quite unlike the cockney accent the character has at the beginning of the show, by Professor Higgins (played by the pitch perfect James Guild) and Colonel Pickering (played by the fantastically flamboyant James Macdonald). The musical was directed by Scarlett's parents who have a extensive amount of experience in west end productions. The show was was really brought to life by the talent and hard work (and I mean hard work) of the Haltons, the cast, the musicians, the back stage team and the SLST which made the show an overall success that I would recommend to anyone I know.

  • Boarding Trampolining Trip to Rush Open or Close

    Sunday 19th March saw all of our full boarders and a strong contingent on weekly and day boarders visit Rush Trampoline park just outside of High Wycombe. This is our second visit to Rush and once again it did not fail to entertain and exhaust our boarders!

    After a safety briefing and the addition of "jumping socks" to feet, the boys were ready for 2 hours of bouncing, flipping and falling! The first hour was spend doing a free jump, where all of the activities and areas were open to them. These included long jump tracks where if they wished (or were brave enough!) they could cartwheel over and over again until they reached a cushioned mat at the end to flop on to! There was also a jousting area and a foam pit to bounce in to! 

    The second hour began on the dodgeball court where boys had to navigate their way across the trampolines trying to evade the throws of the dodgeball trying to knock them over. This was a last man standing, winner takes all scenario and undoubtedly the most tiring part of the day. 

    With the session over, we took 30 tired and happy boys back to the boarding house for a bangers and mash supper. Mmmmm

    Below are reports from two of our full boarders:

    Today most of the full boarders and a couple of others visited Rush, which is a trampoline park. The experience we all had as a mixed age group was superb, we did various activities there such as, dodge ball, something similar to wipeout and also an obstacle course which was extremely difficult, even the gappie Jack was unable to successfully complete it. IN my opinion the best part of this trip was the dodgeball as we all spent quality time together and were able to bond over a game of dodgeball. I really enjoyed the trip and hope there are many similar trips in the future.

    by Mayank Neerugatti (Yr10)

    This Sunday all of the full boarders and some juniors went on a boarding trip to Rush. While there, we played a few games of dodgeball in the privately reserved dodgeball arena. We also got to go head to head in beam wrestling where the aim is to knock the opponent off the beam first with a foam stick. It was very competitive with even the gap student getting involved. There was also an assault course which I'm proud to say I completed shortly after watching Hugo miserably fail to grab the first monkey bar and having to wade through foam blocks to escape. The last activity was a total wipeout style rotating beam that we had to avoid by jumping and ducking out of the way.

    by Will Falcon (Yr13)

  • Spotlight on Full Boarder’s and Weekend Fun! Open or Close

    This weekend the boarder’s awoke to a misty Spring morning with a full cooked English by Chefs Roberto and Rae-Dawn. A couple of boarders missed a great breakfast as they wanted a lie in.  Saturday for most, is a relaxing day before the big competition on a Saturday night. This term has pitted Team Mayank against Team Connor with the current score 4-3 to Team Connor. There have seen diverse activities including Sportshall Olympics, Pizza making, a Movie Quiz, Badminton tournament, Tower Building and this week the madness of Swimming Pool Softball.

    ‘Pizza making was great because I got to decide exactly what I wanted on my pizza and then the chefs cooked it for us.’

    Add in some FIFA 2017, a trip into town and you begin to get a flavour of a relaxed weekend in Fraser Youens. To be fair most full boarders spend a considerable amount of Sunday studying but there is often time for a bit of FIFA or COD . Favourites for the house FIFA 2017 cup include Sufyaan, Adil and Zain but we shall see as we approach the business end of the cup competition.

    Tonight’s softball in the pool saw some batting and fielding skills that the New York Yankees would have been proud of. The best play of the night was a home run by Yorks helping his team to four runs with the bases fully loaded.  The final innings almost caused an upset with Team Connor scoring twelve runs to come from 24-13 down, to lead. Mayank however stepped up to the plate to lead his team to victory scoring the winning run.  One might have thought that it was it but after having gorged themselves on Homemade Pizza several boarders probably needed to burn off a few calories and wanted to play water polo after the softball finished. A great night had by all and the Full Boarders competition will be go down to the wire with two weekends left.

  • Thursday Night Lights Open or Close

    Thursday 9th February saw the culmination of our week long House Football Tournament. After requests from the boarders we played the whole tournament on the schools all-weather surface, under floodlights. It was cold....very cold but the boys battled through the arctic temperatures and produced football worthy of any Premiership team, minus the huge egos and wages!

    The six teams competing were each captained by a prefect, with boys from all year groups being represented in our annual event where our Year 7's get to play in the same teams as the Year 13's. 

    As always, competition was fierce, with the usual calls for unfair teams and dodgy refereeing thrown in for good measure. The winners eventually turned out to be Cam's Cannonballs, who were looking like they would make a clean sweep and win all 5 matches, before a late, and somewhat contraversial goal, from Oscar's Ornaments looked like it might rob them of overall victory. However results seemed to go their way, with none of the other teams being able to match their impressive win record. Other mentions should go to a strong Ayo's Aeronautix team, a flourishing Guy's Guys team and some strong captaincy from Ben's Bouncers and Dan's Dodgeyballs!

    Overall the tournament was a cold, but enjoyable event with high calibre football being rarely seen, but mostly talked about. Goal of the tournament was hard to pick, but special mentions go to Jacob Haworth's screamer from outside the box and Taaj Adetula's header (the only headed goal of the tournament!)

  • School INSET Day - on a Wednesday!! Open or Close

    This is a report of the INSET day by Charlie Manning (Yr9 Boarder)

    On the 1st of February, the school was treated to an inset day. Whilst the teachers partook in a training day, the boarders were given an unheard of before LIE-IN! We were able to wake up later than usual, at 8:45am to a full English breakfast. We were then given some well needed free-time in the morning before starting a jam-packed schedule outlined below:

    8.45-9.30               Late Breakfast!

    10.45                     Whole House Dodgeball

    12.30                      Lunch

    13.00                      Afternoon Cinema Trip

    18.00                      Junior Activity

    19.00                      Dinner

    20.00                      Prep Session

    21.00                      Normal Evening Routine

    The dodgeball tournament is annual highlight of the year in the boarding calendar and it was great to have it on our day off! The house was split into six dodgeball teams and a very competitive competition commenced. Whilst the dodgeball, was great fun for everyone, Oscar's Ornaments came out top, closely followed by Ben's Bouncers. When the boarders returned to the Fraser Youens House, they were welcomed by an early lunch of homemade fish cakes, and sweet roasted potatoes. All boarders were supplied with a wealthy choice of films and headed down, at different times, into town for their choice of film at the cinema. 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' and Split were the most popular choices for those aged 12 and above, with our juniors seeing animated musical Sing or the newly released Lion. 

    What a great day for everyone....maybe except the teachers. Thank you to Mr. Hollyer, Mr. Scourfield and Miss Lawson for organising and running a great day!

  • Weekend Cookery! Open or Close

    On Saturday, as part of our weekend activity provision for full boarders, Miss Lawson arranged for the boys to have a pizza making contest, with a blind tasting to decide on the winners. The pizza toppings were numerous, with pineapple turning out to be the most contentious ingredient. Overall Team Connor won and there are a selection of photos to whet your appetite!

  • Junior Cookery! Open or Close

    Cookery has begun as a bi-weekly Junior activity in Fraser Youens. 

    Last week our Year 7 and 8's made yummy brownies in their activity session, with the expectation that they all had to share their creations with the rest of the house, including staff, friends and boys in other year groups.

    The brownies were a real success and a real triumph for some of the boys who had not done any cooking before.

    I can personally vouch for the tastiness of the brownies, but safe to say it was an incredibly popular and well enjoyed activity. A big thank you to Miss Lawson for putting this on and running it so well!

    Next time is flapjacks....! 

  • Snow!! Open or Close

    2017 has brought us some snow!! And for many of the boys this was possibly their most exciting moment, with the big question on everyone's lips being: "will there be school tomorrow????". 

    Well whilst there was snow, there was school tomorrow as well! 

    However it was a lovely opportunity for a bit of running around in the snow, despite it being dark by the time the snow reached us!!