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RGS Ethos Of Learning

This page will be updated throughout the next year as this project continues to develop. We envisage this being a 3 year project to get the Ethos of Learning embedded across the school. Our main focus this year will be with the Year 7 students.

Early planning stages:

We are certainly very excited to get this project under way. We have always felt like we provide our students with an excellent education. They leave us incredibly well qualified and they have also received superb pastoral care. However, have we really prepared them for the outside world and if we have, do the students realise this and can they articulate it? We therefore conducted some research to see which skills were most valued in the workplace. We spoke to a number of professionals from a variety of backgrounds to discover the skills they felt they used most often. The results can be seen below:

Communication skills

Ability to think on my feet




Able to think in adversity



Ability to present


Sense of Humour



Time management



Technical Skill


We also researched the work of Guy Claxton and Carol Dweck and had guest speakers visit the school to talk to staff about Building Learning Power. We also visited 3 local schools to see how they have developed their Learning Powered School.

Our Head of Classics at the time worked with our Heads of Department and Key Stage Leaders and then devised their own set of key skills which they felt worked best for RGS. These key habits, outlined above, have now been presented to the Senior Team and have been launched to the whole staff in a Twilight training session last July. We welcomed Steve Watson from TLO who explained the theory behind a learning powered school. 

Second Stage:

We have been kindly donated posters from Perton Signs to raise awareness of the key skills we want to promote and develop. These are displayed throughout the school and within every classroom.

We have now had 4 guest speakers taking assembly to all students about one of the Headings which make up the Ethos of Learning. Elliot Romney (an old boy, now working at Red Bull) spoke about Teamwork, Nick Haynes (an old boy, now working as an architect) spoke about Creativity, Steve Ashton (Chairman of Governors) spoke about Responsibility and Tom Rees (old boy and ex- England rugby captain) came spoke about Engagement. These were very well received by the students and you can view some of them below, or on the Assemblies page.

You can view their assembly videos below and read Elliot's presentation slides here


We recently had a Year 7 Ethos of Learning Day. Students spent a few hours working on various activities to increase their awareness and familiarity with the terms. They also analysed where their own strengths and weaknesses were and what they could do to fill any gaps. The students were exceptional and really enjoyed the day. In the evening we also had over 220 parents from Year 7 attend the Academic Evening, this was an hours presentation for them to hear about the value of this initiative. The parents got really involved in the activities and were a pleasure to present to. They behaved nearly as well as the students! We feel it is so important for the parents to be involved in students learning and we want them to share the same language we are using with the boys.

Third Stage:

We have now completed our Sixth Learning Review. We aim to run 2 or 3 a year. We have amended the Reviews each time based on staff evaluation. We are now confident of delivering some excellent training. The two most recent reviews were rated more than 4 out of 5 for usefulness. Over 70% of staff have received training in the past two and a half years and we hope all staff to be trained in the near future.

The Ethos of Learning has now been adopted from years 7-11. The parent evenings continue to be well attended for Year 7s. Many of our assemblies revolve around the Ethos of Learning. The newsletters are well read and often lead to parental engagement in the project. I feel it is well on the way to being fully embedded across the school.