The Careers Department organises visiting speakers from a wide range of disciplines in the delivery of Careers and PSHCE education.  There is a biennial Careers Fair in the summer term where boys and their parents from Y9 upwards can get first hand information on Higher Education, Careers and gap year opportunities.


Preparation for Careers/Higher Education

Year 10

  • Study Skills
  • Research into individual careers
  • Work experience
  • Trends and changes in the world of work
  • What makes an entrepreneur

Year 11

  • Opportunities at 16+ and 18+
  • Why choose Higher Education
  • Choosing what to study / where to study
  • How to research degree courses and universities
  • Taking a gap year
  • Sponsorship and student finance
  • Interview techniques

Y11- Y13 Calendar for Careers and Higher Education

Year 11    
November Initial AS choices  
December GCSE Mocks  
January Confirmation of AS choices  
February Choice of enrichment subject  
March Work experience presentation  
May GCSE Exams  
June GCSE Exams  
July Into the Sixth Organise own work experience
August GCSE Results AS choices confirmed
Year 12    
September Medics join Medsoc  
January Oxbridge sign up  
February HE Fair  
March Mock AS exams Oxbridge Fair
April HE evening for boys & parents  
May AS exams  
June AS exams University visits
July HE morning - UCAS Apply University visits
August AS results  
Year 13    
September Oxbridge/Medics UCAS deadline  
December UCAS Deadline Oxbridge interviews
April Confirm firm/insurance university  
May A2 Exams  
June A2 Exams  
August A2 Results  

Higher Education / Careers Team

UCAS Apply Miss Munday
Oxbridge Mr Wayne, Miss Munday
Medics/Dentists/Vets (MDVs) Mrs Royal
University tests (eg: LNAT/HAT/BMAT/UKCAT) Mrs Royal (MDVs), Mrs Tendelska
HE Visits Miss Munday, Mr Pantridge
HE Training Miss Munday
HE / Careers Guidance Y12/13 Form Tutors, Miss Munday, Mr Scoble, Mr Noyes, Ms Sowah


The Careers Department organises a Careers Fair biennially in the spring term. The purpose of the evening is to provide an insight into a range of careers and to provide information on university and gap year options. This is relevant to Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 students. A number of current practitioners and organisations are present and available to answer questions and to provide information.

This is an initial opportunity for your son to consider his future options and acquire sufficient information to enable him to begin to make an informed choice about the next stage of his education.


The Careers department at the RGS is always pleased to establish contact with any parents who may be able to help with activities related to careers education. These include work experience, careers talks, Careers/Higher Education Fair, and Young Enterprise Departments.