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About Us

At the Royal Grammar School we are incredibly committed to improving, sharing and celebrating Teaching and Learning. We have set up a number of initiatives over the past 12 months which have really raised the profile of the student’s learning and helped to celebrate the best practice of staff and students. Below is a list of projects that we have set up and more details can be found from the tabs on this site. There are also examples of our school assemblies and also summaries of teaching literature. For more information please do contact Alex Wallace, Assistant Headteacher at RGS.

Peer Observation Fortnight-

We have had over 40 staff involved in this opportunity to observe one another’s lessons.

6th Form Mentoring:

We have had over 80 students receiving guidance from Sixth Form mentors across many subjects.


We have recently introduced a one to one IPad scheme for Year 8 students. Please read more about this from the blog.

Teaching and Learning Groups (TeachMeet):

We have an open invitation to our own informal Teach Meet within the school. We meet once a term to share teaching ideas.

Monday Teaching Ideas:

Once a week in staff briefing a new teaching idea is shared with the staff.


We have large number of blogs from various aspects of school life. They are always interesting and informative pieces.

Ethos Of Learning:

This is our 3 year project designed to embed the key dispositions we want all our students to develop at RGS. The project is in its infancy and we look forward to watching it grow.