Welcome to Fencing at The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe.  RGS has a long and distinguished history within the sport of fencing.  Throughout the year there are regular fencing match fixtures at home and away against the likes of Harrow School, Winchester School and Marborough College amongst others.  In addition a RGS Squad attends the three day  Public Schools Fencing Championships at Crystal Palace every year.  



Why Fence?

Fencing can often be seen as a "sport for one" and whilst it may be true that it is an individual sport, the skills and mindset a fencer can achieve is very much that of community spirit.

The transferable skills a fencer learns gives them independence of mind; self esteem and self confidence.  This affords better personal interactivity and the ability to mix with a wide range of people.  

Fencing is a growing sport.  It looks great on your university applications and is often a sport that enables you to foster community links.  RGS fencers have the opportunity to coach younger age groups at other schools 

The School is fortunate enough to have three professional Fencing Coaches running three different sessions every week in the Sports Hall.  

Wednesdays Sessions

These are from 3.40pm to 5.15pm and are open to Year 8 and 9 boys new to fencing. Year 7s with previous fencing experience will be considered.  Seniors are selected to attend this session.  The session coach is Jenny Douglas. 

Thursday Sessions

The after school club runs from 3.50pm to 5.15pm. This is aimed at Year 9 and above, but all experienced intermediate fencers are welcome.  Club session coaches are Harry Jones and Jacky Faulkner.   

All of the RGS Coaches are experienced and qualified to teach the three weapons Foil, Epee and Sabre. Boys are usually encouraged to start with foil as there are a greater number of Foil events on the fencing calendar and the technique and tactics of foil are the best common denominator for the three weapons. Boys are also encouraged to compete in County, Regional and National Competitions – Coaches attending many of these with them to support and encourage. Several regularly attend England Youth Development Training Days.


Over the years a number of boys have been selected for GB teams. These include Nick and Tom Payne, Tom Bennett and Paul Dazeley. In addition, Nick Payne was one of the Federation Internationale Escrime Referees for the 2012 Olympics.

  • RGS Fencing Representatives Open or Close

    Fencing Captain – Sanjeev Devarajan 

    The Fencing Captains are part of the RGS team selection process and is actively involved in all fencing in which RGS fencers take part – both in and out of school. The Fencing Captains oversee the borrowing and return of School kit and also helps to supervise and act as referee or coaching assistant in some sessions.  

    Junior School Fencing Captain – Tom Mason

    The Junior School Fencing Captain does much the same job as the Senior Captain – making recommendations as part of the RGS team selection process. The Junior Captain is involved in all fencing in which RGS fencers take part but with a special remit to guide the younger fencers. The Junior Fencing Captain also helps to supervise and assist in sessions.  

    Competition Liaison

    The Competition Liaison Officer is on hand to advise all fencers about suitable out of school competitions, as well as BFA membership application, entrance forms and can offer guidance on the kit required.  


    The Armourer is responsible for overseeing all fencing equipment. 

    Master-in-Charge – Mr James Eve

    The Master-in-charge is responsible for overseeing all fencing at the school and all school fencing fixtures. 


  • 2013 Competitions RGS Fencers Participated in: Open or Close

    Bucks Berks and Oxon County Foil Age groups

    Southern Region Team Sabre

    Bucks Berks and Oxon County Epee Age groups

    Bucks Berks and Oxon County Sabre Age groups

    Southern Region British Youth Championship Qualifier Foil

    Southern Region British Youth Championship Qualifier Epee

    Southern Region British Youth Championship Qualifier Sabre

    The British Youth Championships Finals Epee

    The British Youth Championships Finals Sabre

    Leon Paul Junior Series Warwick Epee

    The England Youth Championships Foil

    The England Youth Championships Epee

    The England Youth Championships Sabre

    BB&O Foil Rally

    BB&O Fencing Picnic

    The Cadet British Nationals

    The Junior British Nationals

    The London Docklands British Selection Cadet Foil

    The Milner Hallet British Selection Junior Epee

    The Hertfordshire Leon Paul Junior Series

    The Aldershot Open

    The Chichester Open

    The Bristol Open

    British Selection Junior Epee

    The Hampshire Open

    Lancashire Cadet British Selection Epee

    Newcastle British Junior Selection Epee

    The Leon Paul Open

    The Birmingham International Epee

    The London British Cadet Selection Epee

    The London British Junior Selection Epee

    The Slough Open

  • Fixtures and Results Open or Close

    All Fencing fixtures and results can be found on the RGSHW sports website here.

    Match reports should be sent to sportsadmin@rgshw.com to appear in the news section. 

  • RGS Coach Profiles Open or Close

    Jenny Douglas as a fencer was coached by Harry Jones and Zsolt Vadaszffy and competed Internationally in Team Events . Jenny is a BFA registered 3 weapon coach.  As part of a BFA initiative in 2000 Jenny retrained  with the Hungarian Olympic Squad Coaches. Jenny Coaches at County, Regional, National and International level.

    She is a qualified England Team Manager and regularly travels with England as Team Coach.  Jenny was part of the National Academy as a Lecturer and is part of the England Youth Development Squad Team and has been the England Squad Coach for 4 Home Nation School Games, two Commonwealth Fencing Championships and numerous Internationals in Europe, coaching all three weapons.

    In 2013 she was an epee coach for the 4th International Training Camp in Bocholt working with the Canadian, Dutch and Belgian National Coaches.  


    Jacky Faulkner has been a British Fencing Association registered coach for over 25 years.  As well as working in schools she also coaches at several fencing clubs in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. 

    She is one of the core coaches for the U19 Southern Region British Fencing Team, acting as coach for the Southern Region Cadet Winton Squad and as such is responsible for inspiring the fencers to improve their performance.  She is also a coach educator for the BFA. In 2013 Jacky worked with former GB Commonwealth foil gold medallist Claire Bennett both coaching and also mentoring Claire's coaching skills.

    Jacky also worked with former GB epeeist and RGS old boy, Tom Bennett, again mentoring his coaching . Jacky is coach to both the men and women members of the GB Veterans Epee and Foil teams.      


    Harry Jones has over 50 years of fencing experience and has been a full time coach since 1991 for which he has been awarded, in 2006, the British Fencing Bronze Medal for Services to the Sport. 

    He was a very competitive fencer in all 3 weapons in his time.  He holds NCF certification for teaching children and is a member of the British Fencing Association Coaches Club.  Harry's main role at the club is now armoury, looking after the equipment and carrying out repairs on Thursday afternoons.

  • Training Videos Open or Close
  • BFA Membership Open or Close

    Boys fencing at the School  or in authorised School matches are covered by the School Coaches and the Schools own Sports insurance.

        RGS encourage boys to  compete in competitions away from school -  a list of local County, Regional and other events is available on the Fencing Noticeboard. However, in order to compete away from School all boys must join the  British Fencing Association as this insures them to fence in registered competitions.All competitions use your BFA membership number to verify your entry.

        To join the BFA you can either go online at British Fencing  and click on Membership or telephone them in office hours on 0208 7423032 and pay by credit card. You need full  ( not social) membership -  this will  be either  u13 or u20 according to date of birth.

        To sign up you need to know your Club =- RGS High Wycombe ; your Region = Southern and to chose a Home Nation = most opt for England as initially this gives your more competitions you are eligible to take part in. But you can change allegiance to Scotland etc at a later date without difficulty, if you are eligible and it is preferred.