Year 6 Maths Internet Treasure Hunt

Year 6 Maths Internet Treasure Hunt 

Click on the links in blue to be taken to the relevant page. Write your answers on the sheet provided. Happy hunting!

  1. We'll start off with a bit of silly fun. Go to this page and play the game. Click on the game to get started. For each number problem, type in the answer and then click space to shoot the question. Write your score on the answer sheet.

  2. Maths and Physics are very closely related. One idea that links them is gravity - the force that drags you down to Earth. It turns out that the force due to gravity is stronger or weaker on different planets, so you are heavier or lighter. Click on this link and find out how much Mr Gallagher weighs on Jupiter. When he looks at his scales on Earth they say 60.

  3. Maths gets everywhere - even in architecture and engineering. Go to this page to see some examples of tessellation in architecture. Which are the two shapes which are tessellated to make the Eden Project domes?

  4. Mathematicians love looking at sneaky problems from new angles. Read this account of one such problem and try the challenge question at the bottom - you can try to draw the shape on the back of your answer sheet. To draw the shape successfully, which corner(s) must you start from?

  5. Everybody loves thinking about really massive numbers and really tiny numbers, but how do we write them without having to write loads and loads of digits? Answer: using powers of ten. Watch this video. Once the video starts zooming out, we get 10 times further out every two seconds. Once the video get sback to the beginning and starts zooming into the hand, every two seconds means we are 10 times nearer. How far out are we when you can see the outline of the whole Earth (hint: look at the left of the screen for the distances)?

  6. Another classic puzzle which mathematicians love confusing their friends with is the jug puzzle. Have a go by clicking here and pressing play. The aim is to get 4 litres left in one of the jugs. Drag the containers over the tap to fill them up. Empty containers by holding them over the toilet. Drag the containers on top of each other to fill from one to the other. What is the minimum number of moves?

  7. Got it! is a version of an old game called Nim. In this version, you take turns with the computer to add 1, 2, 3 or 4 to the total. The person who makes the total reach 23 is the winner. Try it a few times. To be sure of winning, what does your first choice have to be? Click here for a hint!

  8. One of the most amazing mathematical objects in existence is the Great Pyramid at Giza. Read through some of the facts about it on this page. Calculate the total weight of the building blocks by multiplying the average block weight by the number of blocks (you can use google as a calculator - just use * instead of a multiply sign).

  9. Try the maths version of Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire on this page. If you manage to win one million pounds, what does the host say?

  10. Try this maths maze - go from start to finish using the arrow keys but careful - you have to answer a question every time you go through a question mark!