Physics is the study of matter and interactions. It is also the principal subject at school where numerical analysis is applied to practical problems and measurements. As such, it forms the bedrock for all studies in Science.

Physics is taught as a separate and compulsory subject to all students in Years 7 to 11. All students obtain a GCSE in Physics. Our Year 7 and 8 students are taught in a newly refurbished laboratory, and all students benefit from the equipment and expertise which has been amassed in decades of experience in teaching this subject. All physics lessons are taught in specialist laboratories or in the science department’s computer room.

Students at the RGS see Physics as a worthwhile subject, and a very flexible foundation for further study. Approximately 40% of our students choose Physics as a Year 12 subject, making the physics department one of the largest in the school. 

Our commitment to making Physics an enjoyable as well as challenging discipline is also demonstrated in our exceptional performance in national physics competitions. Each year, we typically earn one or more gold medals in the Physics Challenge (Year 11), Senior Physics Challenge (Year 12) or Physics Olympiad (Year 13). This corresponds to students being in the Top 50 or so nationally, and puts our school in the top ten nationally.

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The practicals and experiments really help me understand the theorySixth Former