The dedicated and experienced staff have embraced the new National Curriculum incorporating more challenging and exciting activities to the lessons including puzzles, quizzes and interactive games on the internet.

In Key Stage 3, boys are encouraged to work in pairs or small groups to develop their skills and understanding as well as making them more confident in their own ability.

In Key Stage 4, as well as doing GCSE, over half the students do Additional Maths, a course that stretches and challenges the boys and prepares them for A Level maths.

Over half the boys go on to take Maths A Level, with increasing numbers doing Further Mathematics.

Boys are encouraged to enter Maths competitions and several go on to take part in the UKMT Mathematical Olympiads. All boys take part in the Maths Challenge and we field a strong team in the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition each year. 

Students are also offered the chance to attend Masterclasses and Maths seminars to explore topics such as Fractals and Cryptography and the crucial role they play in today’s society.

At all levels, the department offers support to all students through weekly lunch time ‘drop in’ sessions, additional Gifted and Talented lessons and targeted revision classes.

The Maths department has a good reputation and consistently achieves excellent results. Of the substantial number of boys going to Oxford and Cambridge each year, many have Mathematics as part of their entry and several will study Mathematics as their main subject.

It is more than just numbers, algebra, equations and fractionsCurrent Teacher