Computing and Information and Communication Technology capability is an essential skill for life and should enable all learners to actively participate in our rapidly changing world.

The fundamental aim of the ICT department at the Royal Grammar School is to expose boys of all ages to as broad a range of applications of ICT as possible, and to equip young people with the ability to use technological tools to find, explore, analyse, exchange, and present information responsibly.

Information Technology is taught as a compulsory subject to all boys in Years 7 to 9. GCSE Computing is offered as an option at KS4 we are one of the few schools offering the pilot course run by OCR. Computing is offered as an A Level option in the Lower and Upper Sixth Form groups. Computing is taught in specially equipped classrooms located at various points around the school including the Library, the Computer Centre and Room 30. All computer rooms are equipped with windows compatible software and have  internet and email access. Every boy will also have access to the school's Virtual Learning Environment.

Boys at the RGS will see ICT as a worthwhile subject. Boys are introduced to computing concepts early on in their school experience. At KS3 they will follow a program of study which leads to the development of skills in the essential programming skills of selection, iteration and object orientation. We teach programming skills using the Build your own Blocks, and Scratch utility as well as Visual Basic for Applications and basic HTML. There is also a possibility of learning programming through the use of Java and Action Script which supports the Adobe products of Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. Boys wishing to further their studies in ICT at KS4 can opt to take the GCSE Computing course and to progress to Computing at A Level.

As a department we will:

  • enrich and extend learning throughout the curriculum, using ICT to support collaborative learning, independent study and re-working of initial ideas, as well as to enable boys to work at a more demanding level to obviate some routine tasks.
  • encourage the flexibility and openness of mind in order to adjust to, and take advantage of, technological change, whilst being able to consider the ethical implications and consequences for individuals and society.
  • use the power of computers to help boys with special educational needs to develop their interests and abilities.

Whatever a boy wishes to pursue as a future career ICT will be an important tool to use and to develop. The main pre-occupation of the department will be to raise standards and levels of achievement, and ensure equality of opportunity for all boys regardless of background and ability.

The curriculum we provide needs to be flexible, adaptable and engaging. In the longer term we envisage every boy at the Royal Grammar School gaining a qualification in ICT. The range of courses we would offer would all develop a wide range of logical, analytical and communication skills - essential for equipping boys for the world of work or for progression into further and higher education

Technology has opened up so many more possibilities for the boysCurrent Teacher