History at the Royal Grammar School is one of the most popular subjects. Long gone are the days of simply sitting in rows and learning dates. Today, the department is staffed by a team of historical enthusiasts who place a great deal of emphasis on making the subject enjoyable and interactive.

The use of modern technology is maximised with students using photography, movie making, and ICT to enhance their understanding and foster a love of the subject. Traditional academic skills are also prized. Students are encouraged to spend a significant amount of time in the library, with the skills necessary for independent investigation given high priority. A rich co-curricular programme also means that History is enjoyed outside the classroom.

Year 7 pupils spend a whole day ‘off timetable’ learning about Medieval Life in the company of a group of historical re-enactors. Year 8’s visit Warwick Castle, while Year 9’s experience Nelson’s Navy at Portsmouth Historic Dockyards. The highlight, however, is the annual French-History Trip to Northern France. This allows our students to discover the heavy sacrifice made by RGS Old Boys in the First World War.

Further up the school students attend exhibitions and lectures. A thriving History Society organises regular events. Keen students also have the opportunity to spend time in the National Archives at Kew and engage in original research.

A large number of boys continue with History at GSCE with a significant number continuing to A Level. Many go on to read History at University each year.