Why build a city in the desert? How do we stop overfishing of the oceans? Where does all the water in the Colorado River go?

These are just some of the questions investigated through the current Geography Key Stage 3 curriculum. The departments aims to make lessons as active as possible with many opportunities for group work and delivering presentations to the rest of the class. Students also have the opportunity to take part in other activities such as;

  • Designing board games on a variety of topics from local High Wycopoly to global Development issues.
  • Building a model volcano.
  • Creating glacial landforms from Playdoh.

The students also carry out investigations and enquiries on numerous topics including; where parents and grandparents originate from, where people have been on holiday and assessing if development in the Arctic is sustainable.

Fieldwork in Geography involves trips to Lulworth Cove to study coasts in Year 7, a local trip to the Hughenden Valley in Year 8 and residential fieldtrips in Year 10 and 12. We currently run fieldtrips to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales at GCSE and the Lake District at A Level.

We use the iPads in various ways including; to make presentations, carry out quizzes to test student knowledge and making videos as news reports.

A large number of boys successfully continue with Geography at GCSE with a significant number continuing to A Level, and many go on to read Geography at University each year.


Geography helps us understand our planet betterYear 8 Boy